Melba Hoffman Remembered
  On July 17th a truly marvelous human being passed from our lives but will live on in our memories. Melba Hoffman, mother, wife and civil servant died from cancer. For years Melba served as administrative assistant to former county supervisor Kay Ceniceros. When a problem arose Melba was always there to give a helping hand. We can remember how she helped us with Winchester Days and other projects in our community. Melba was also instrumental in helping to create many youth programs in conjunction with Valley-Wide Parks and Recreation. When Melba retired from her position with the county she was one of the very few to be given a honorary membership to the Winchester Homeowners Association, a honor she cherished, for her aid to our community. When they defined the term "civil servant" we are sure they had Melba Hoffman in mind. Our condolences go to her family and many friends.

Shown at left is Melba Hoffman receiving her honorary membership from Cindy Domenigoni, president of the Winchester Homeowners Association.

Death Of a Newspaper
    Another departure from our area this past month was the selling of the Hemet News to the Press Enterprise. After over 100 years of publishing the local news the paper went the way of many of its predecessors in the area. Like the Winchester Recorder and the San Jacinto Register the paper was swept away by what some may call progress. The local hometown paper with its down home feeling just can't seem to survive. The historical society for many years has taken both papers so that we might gather all the historical important news of the area. Although the Hemet News is still published as a part of the Press Enterprise the feeling just does not seem the same in this humble writers opinion. We found it rather ironic that just one week after it had a front page story about the Patterson House Museum that the Hemet News was assimilated.
    We will miss you dear friend and try to get used to the "New" Hemet News. Thanks for the memories.

New Club Formed
  We would like to welcome to the Winchester area a new club dedicated to the recreation of local horse enthusiast. The Winchester Cattle Club was formed recently and holds events at the Winchester Wild West Arena each Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Wednesday night will find barrel racing, Friday night is roping, and Saturday is team sorting and penning. If any of these events are of interest to you call them at (909) 926-9381 or (909) 926-3953 or just show up on one of there show nights and enjoy the fun. They will be closed from the week of Thanksgiving until the end of January after the Community Team Penning.

Patterson House Termites Soon to Become Extinct   
   We noted recently that the Winchester United Methodist Church was under a rather large tent being termite eradicated. We spoke with one of the gentleman who performed the work and contacted his company about doing the same for The Patterson House. Upon calling the office we talked to the branch manager Matt Evans. He and his father, who owns the business, arrived at the museum Sunday the 22nd and we showed them the layout. When we were finished they informed us that they would donate their services for "free." So in the near future the museum will be closed for a weekend while they eradicate our little unwanted house guests. If you would like to thank them for their gift to our society and museum you might drop them a thank you note or better yet contact them for your critter eradication needs.
North Star Exterminators, Inc.
11552 Cedar Ave.
P. O . Box 11
Bloomington, Ca. 92316

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